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cousin or somebody else's house that maybe, in that house, they're still speaking russian. these are still things they don't know. he might have gone to another relative or telephone contact that's come up that leads to some other reason to believe that he could be in another place, but with someone that's a relative for the old country. that could be what the interpreter is for. >> we want to bring in deb feric. we have her on the phone. deb? >> reporter: hey, erin, with e we've been moved back significantly. the police officers are trying to get everyone out of the way, basically. they have said you guys are in the line of fire and they proceeded to move us back significantly. i am told by -- i'm told by an intel source, that, in fact, they may -- it may be that they
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have found somebody else, an associa associate, who may have had -- who may have had -- sorry, just seeing what the noise is about. i'll being told by an intel, it may be that they have found an associate, an associate, of the younger bomber, the younger, suspected bomber. so that is what i am being told right now. they called for a russian translater. they have moved us back. there are sharp shooters everywhere. they are monitoring the situation. they have surrounded either a home or a vehicle, it's difficult to see where we are right now. but they pulled us back significantly. what we were reporting earlier today, earlier this morning, we're probably about a block away from that. like i said, the police officer yelled, you are in the line of fire. you are in the line of fire. i can see a couple of people, some law enforcement, some police with rifles walking the perimeter.
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again, you've got to imagine about 20, 25 police cars and other vehicles surrounding one particular -- surrounding something. and we think it's a car. and i'm being told by an intel source that it may possibly be somebody known to the younger bomber. erin? >> all right, deb, thank you. and what deb just said there is very important. they're trying to figure out -- at this point, we thought it was just the two brothers. the family members, the friends that we have spoken to, knew nothing about this. the uncle, as we have heard, knew nothing about this. but now, what they're saying, is that they may have had an associate. that may be the need for the interpreter. this was the crucial question all the way through which is how many people may be involved? >> you're definitely going down the right road. that's what we're understanding and we're hearing. but it also could be, i'm being told, they've met someone who may be helpful and the man is not very con ser sant in english. that's why they braught in the translator.
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so it's not necessarily broadening the net of people who may be involved. we got word that they're supposed to be having a press conference soon and about what's going on. and we will brings that to you, obviously. it may be delayed given the exgent circumstances. also, remember, at home, this is not an unusual protocol in situations that might turn violent. so them clearing the area doesn't mean that there's something special about this situation. it's just the urgency of keeping it as safe as possible. we believe deb is in a better situation right now. deb, can you hear us? are you still on the phone? >> reporter: one moment, chris, standby. i'll be with you in a moment. i've got a call. >> all right, sounds like she's taking a call. this obviously, is heating up.
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we don't know exactly the situation that's happening here. lots of information coming across the scanners. we don't really discuss that on the air, that's a police conversation, what they're trying to figure out is happening. an associate, she believes they may have found an associate of the younger suspect, 19-year-old dzhokhar in this watertown area. and if there's one associate, how many other people were there. the chairman of homeland security told me yesterday, i think it could be a conspiracy. he wasn't sure, no one is sure. when people planned this, how many people does it take take? how small was it? >> they've made incredible progress in this situation in such a short amount of time given how multifactorial it was.
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and just by going through amazing amounts of video tapes and photos, they wound up isolating suspects. that is really rare. the recent one is what's unfolding now. once again, a five-second delay. we're going to go back to deb right now. she's on the phone at the location that you're seeing on your screen. now, moved back to a safe distance. deb, can you hear us? >> yeah, i can hear you, chris and erin. we have been moved back. we just saw a bomb truck moving towards what we believe is a vehicle or something that they're interested in. one of the things that they're concerned about is that this individual may have planted other pipe bombs. that's one thing that they're careful about. because he was found with them, because there may be a distraction. that's one of the reasons that
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they're telling people to shelter in place. to stay where they are. they don't know how much access he had to boston when he and his brother stole that car. again, one thing that i'm being told is whether it's a vehicle that's surrounded or an individual that's surrounded, the cars are close enough, close enough, the police cars are close enough so that they don't believe there's a risk of it exploding. we were moved back. we were told you're in the line of fire. but the cars, themselves, seem to be closer to that vehicle certainly if there was some sort of device that was used in the marathon. chris? >> deb, at this point, just to be sure we're very clear for our viewers, you're talking about that they could be, at this point, focusing in on an associate? someone who may have been
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helping. but it's not a hundred percent clear that the suspect, dzhokhar, is also in that area, right? >> they believe he has been in this area. they believe he has been in this area. now, what they're doing -- and that's why they mastered the kind of presence they did this morning. when we got here when it was dark out and you saw all the cars, they were closing off the perimeter, they were choking it off. now, they don't know whether he is here or whether he may have made contact with the particular individual that's trying to get to him. if that's a possibility, we have no information to back that up. but they are treating this very seriously. we did hear them calling for a russian translator on the phone. you've got to remember, erin and chris, you've got to remember
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that the person i spoke to earlier who said now it appears that the brothers, the brothers lived on the water about 200 miles -- about two hours, two hours from the center of chechnya. that's why there's been so much confusion as to whether they were from chechnya or stag stan. so that, right now, may explain that people are saying that the brothers were from the russian caucuses or right on the border of chechnya. erin? chris? >> let me ask you something. just take a half step back. why are authorities there? do they believe this is where he was living? or is this where a known friend was? or is this where they believed they pursued him to? >> reporter: well, it could be all of that. the first location, where all the law enforcement came, we reported earlier that we smelled smoke. that was the first location.
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we were told you've got to pull back. you've got to pull back. so whether there was somebody in that house that they wanted to talk to -- every location they go where they believe he may have been, or where somebody who was known to him might be, they have got to treat it as if it is a hostile environment. that it is potentially boobietrapped. and they have to proceed with great caution. so right now, they have the first location and then the second location, which is very hot. very active. so, again, anywhere he's been, anybody who he may have been with, that they are being treated as a potential threat, a potential danger. all right, deb, thank you very much. please, keep us in the loop and stay at a safe distance. they have reason to believe
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because when they were in the chase last night, they were throwing explosive devices out of car. the brother, who was killed and allegedly run over by his own brother had ochb an explosive device, which may or may not have detonated, to a certain degree. >> yeah, we're unsure. at some point -- i know you're still there, just bring you pack in here. what's your belief on how quickly they're able to wrap this up. i know that we, sitting here hosting this, that our viewers, everybody is hoping and anticipating that this would happen relatively quickly. given that this area is kwaurdenned off, do you believe that this is is something that gets wrapped up very quickly. >> it's possible that it could be wrapped up quickly, especially if he chooses to do it. the two brothers initiated the combat last night when they
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associated the police officer who had not approached them. that's all we're talking about here. if he chooses to go out in a blaze of glory, that may come sooner than later. if he's somehow slipped out of the area, maybe he hijacked another car last night right after the high speed per suit and the chute out with the police, he got out of their site when he got around the corner. maybe he's not there, maybe he's gone. that's always a possibility. this could take a long time, then. >> secondly, they're going place to place to place right now. so as they clear those one at a time, that takes time but that should be able to be resolved pretty quickly today, at least those types of addresses. i know talking to other people that there's a little bit of frustration on the command because there are a lot of false positives.
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that's something that we're seeing, as well. so when all of the sudden, there's a flood of police powers and bomb disposal trucks and s.w.a.t. team members racing into a particular area, many of those have been due to a false alarm or a false suspicious package or something else. they have to treat it that way. but, at the end, they're getting a little bit tired of having to do that and having these false things. some of the reason, also, to back media trucks and others out and expand the perimeter, another reason to do that, is so they have room to run those vehicles in and out quickly when they have to go from one spot to another spot to another spot. so, again, there's no way to prediblgt how soon this could take. if you go back to 50:00 in the afternoon yesterday, when those pictures get put out to the internet, some of us thought it could be within eight hours that somebody is going to know or a lot of somebodies are going to be calling in and saying i know them or it could be a long time.
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there's just too much difficulty to predict that right now. >> it's interesting. some of people who said they knew him said we saw his pictureses. and we were joking that's the way dzhokhar wears his hat. now we're in a situation where they believe they have him, the authorities. so that's advanced. but going back to last night, you had these two deciding they wanted the confrontation. do we know the circumstances around the shooting and killing of the m. implt t. security officer? >> well, from what i've been told, the police officer was sitting in his squad car and didn't see them. or didn't, you know, had no radio contact that he was approaching suspicious subjects
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or anything to alert the dispatcher that something might come up. so he's sitting in his police car. and, apparently, these two came up to him and killed him where he's at. so they're the ones that chose to accelerate and start this process. and, again, going back to last monday or the date of the bombing of the marathon, you know, we were saying at the time that they did not choose to leave the site for a long time. they stood around and watched their handy work. it didn't appear that they were in too big of a hurry to leave boston. or in too big of a hurry to leave the crime scene. now, today -- or i should say last night, they weren't ready to leave boston, but they are ready to leave this world. and, again, suicide of, by and with police officers, taking them with them. >> all right, tom, thank you. we were able to bring deb feryeic back in.
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deb? >> reporter: we are about a block away from where we were early this morning. i'm listening to you from my cell phone. but you can see it. if you see the green light, that is where we were located. just about 15 minutes ago. so we've pulled back an entire block. and all of those vehicles there, they have surrounded an individual. we believe he was in a car. they are that close to him. and we understand that he may be on the ground. so whether he was an associate, whether he was known to the younger brother, that is something that we're trying to get an answer to. but, again, that is a very, very hot area. and, as i told you, it's probably less at this point, a question of the bomb given just the proximity of law enforcement to the vehicle. and it is more likely that it is, in fact, an associate. and they want to know, exactly, what he's doing here and why. look, this young man had a lot of friends. this young man had a lot of friends. he had 77 friends on his web
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site page, all of them associates or -- people he knew. i don't want to use the word associates. that's a loaded word. but possibly a friend of his. and so he may be reaching out to these people. people who may think that he didn't do anything. so that's one of the reasons that they're being very careful. investigators are running down all of these kinds of leads just to make sure that anybody known to him is, in fact, talked to. they want to know, investigators want to know what his friends know, basically. an that's what they're doing right now. but the big fear, the really big fear from law enforce. right now, is that this young man, he's got nothing to lose right now. his brother is dead. he's got thousands of people, law enforcement, police, atf, f.b.i., sharp shooters, all different agencies from across the state. all of them are looking for him. and that's what he is up against. so if he decides to go out in a blaze of glory, you know, perhaps with explosives on his
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body, like his brother, that is something that law enforcement is very fearful of right now. erin? chris? >> all right, deb, thank you. we're going to keep going back to deb. when we talk about this question about whether he wants to go out in a blaze of glory makes me think back to the situation in france. you may remember the shooter ended up being a muslim extremist, in that case, who was shooting the jewish children and shooting them point-blank and then they ended up finding him an apartment and it ended 3w5dly. they were never able to get him and talk to him. that's what they're trying to prevent here. that he wouldn't say -- they describe it as sort of a trapped animal. that at the last moment, he wouldn't just put that gun on himself. >> excellent. excellent. i also think it's important for erin to remember is that we do not know the motivations of this young man or his brother. they are men who decided to kill. we know that. that's what they told their hostage. we know that. that's what investigators say. and they believe they have this second man pinned down. why he did it. who he is. how he's going to go out.
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the only expectation there is is that he may well have explosives on him because his brother did. they used them in an attack. they were throwing them out the window of a car that they had stolen last night, imp vised hand grenades. we don't know yet. there's tons of manpower heremehere. we've never had anything like this where there's such pursuit with an individual involved in a terrorist attack. at the end of the day, you broke people up. so there th is is a lot of firss going on. not every movement means that something meaningful is happening. >> of course, we have no idea on the motivation. we want to emphasize that again and again and again. at this point, we have no idea.
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you can think of some chechen-related violence. there has been this sort of thing. the bombs on the subways. this sort of mass crowd, surprise terror. that's the message that had been used. but, you know, i say that only in the context that they were originally from chechnya. at this point, we just don't know. >> i moon, whean, what we heard people, you're making a great point, you heard from the people that knew them, they were fully americanized. grateful to be here, said someone that knew them very well. loved being here. the older brother was trying to compete for the country as a boxer. this is indications of somebody who is just like all the other ethnic people in this country. they come here and make america their own. >> there's reason to assimilate. there's two things that have been said that sort of stood out as red flags. the older brother saying that he had no friends and didn't understand americans. and the younger brother who said
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he had a conversation with friends about terrorism and said if the cause is justified, it's not terrorism. two small points at some point in these young men's lives that now appear to be red flags. those are the only two things that stand out, especially the younger brother, the suspect you're looking at right now who is on the run. i've heard he is jovial, caring, athletic, normal, a great athlete. needs are the words we're hearing about a killer. >> jim walsh, you're with us on the phone there? i'm sorry, you're with us? you have your camera up? can you understand us? >> yes, i can hear you. >> all right, greg, you understand -- you hear the conversation we're having right now trying to put together the picture of this. try to put into context your experience. >> let me just say this. i want to underline what you've said so far. i think it's important.
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the analogy i would make is if these guys were irish americans, or from ireland originally, we might be inclined to jump to think it's the ira or terrorism associated with northern ireland. and i think it would be a mistake to leap to that conclusion. i think you're right to say the chechen angle may be part of it. it may be something else. it may be a fully domestic issue that animates them or has motivated them. so i think we need to be cautious about this. and i think you're right to say that. >> we were also talking, just before you came back up, how this is going to end. and the police were worried this is sort of like a trapped animal. he could try to go out in a blaze of glory that would cause loss of life and his own life. we were recalling the situation in france. they weren't able to take him alive.
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how do they prevent a situation where someone goes out in a blaze of glory? when you think about how this is setting up, it seems almost impossible to prevent? >> well, it's a fair poibt point, erin. it's not just the terrorists in france. we've had incidents in this country where you've had a gunman who has killed someone and then gets hulled up and then ends up killing themselves. so that is certainly one outkom we've seen again and again. and that could be the case here. presumably, they'll be able to manage this in some respect. if they're able to identify a location, then they'll be able to evacuate that location, bring him in and limit the damage that might be done. presumably, with a hostile situation, law enforcement that have experience in this regard, will attempt to talk him down. but even there, it's going to be very difficult to assure the
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safety of police even as they apprehend him. so i think this is going to be very, very difficult. >> jim, standby for a moment. please don't go anywhere. we just want to bring deb back. every time we can get her shot up for her on the phone, they just keep bringing her in. deb? >> reporter: yeah, erin, again, it's now been about 15 minutes. the police cars are still there. huge presence. a lot of activity, guns, we believe, are still drawn. our understanding is that there's an individual that they surrounded, that they want to question. that they want to talk to. they have not pulled back. they have not pulled back nor have they -- nor have we seen any vehicles moving in this direction. we've seen a couple of small cars, but not the kind that you would necessarily transport an individual who you wanted to speak with. so we are watching, we are waiting. a couple of individuals have started to move. but, again, we're trying to understand who this person -- who this individual is. we are being told by sources
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that there is somebody else who they are definitely interested in finding. and somebody else that they are definitely interested in speaking with. we'll see what's going on. so what that means is that there's at least one additional person in addition to those brothers who law enforcement, who they do want to speak with. we're going to move out of the way as cars start to come. that's all we've got so far. again, just to clarify, a little bit of confusion. the brothers are from the area on the border of chechnya near kaj stan. >> all right, debating, thank you very much. the benefit of 24 hour, constant coverage, is that you learn things first. the burden is when you don't know, we just don't know. all we can piece together from that great sense of urgency. however, the one fact that we do understand, them calling in, a russian interpreter, has to lead
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you away from the possibility of this being the primary suspect that they're now pursuing because he is certainly fluent in english. and what that raises, according to sources close to the investigation, is that they're trying to help people who can help them find the suspect. and one of them may not well be conversant in english. we're just showing you and telling you what it does. >> all right. there's a press conference. i want to tell you right now, we're going to listen in. >> the crv was present at the time of the carjacking. one of the suspects then drove away with it. and that's why we were looking for it. we have recovered it in massachusetts. i think we recovered it in cambridge, but i'll double check that for you. that answers the question of the crv, hopefully. we heard a report that there
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was a carjack. i just believe it was in their possession. i don't know if they owned it or what have you. >> that was false. the crv was abandoned. the question was that a state police truck was stolen last night. was it part of it? that was false. i don't know the answer to that. >> reporter: what's going on now? >> the governor and the mayor are being briefed by the commanders of various agencies and we expect that they'll be briefing you soon. we also have some police activity down the street. i don't know if you can see it here. there was an initial report of a possible suspect. it is not suspect number 2.
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it is not white hat. they're clearing that scene. okay. thank you. i'm going to turn this back off. >> ma'am, get back. >> reporter: can you guys tell us if you've heard anything? >> all right. so we believe that the press conference is now over. we're looking at live pictures from the scene on a five-second delay because we don't know what we can't control. and we want to be careful about that. not a lot of headlines out of that other than it's a fluid situation. they're trying to keep the rest of the investigation looped in. >> right. >> did you pick anything else up
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from that? >> i just wanted to say that john kerry was just asked -- i want to share this looking at my blackberry, was asked about chechen people. john kerry, secretary of state, was just asked about that. he's, at this point, declined to comment. he says he thinks it's just a little bit too early. he did just receive a couple of questions about whether this was linked to chechen separatists who have, of course, been implicated in bombings in russia. but, at this point -- >> it could just be two men -- >> it could just be two men inspired by something completely domestic who happened to have been chechen with names that could imply a link to separatism, but it has nothing to do with that. >> let's get back to the situation as it unfolds. deb? >> reporter: yeah, and, chris, so a number of cars pulled out and then a number of cars pulled back in. this is what we're seeing.
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it's sort of an ebb and flow of different kinds of police vehicles. for example, this morning, we saw a lot of tactical units that were coming in. the snipers, the tactical team. once they pulled out, then the forensic team came in to search a location. and we're trying to figure out who may have lived at that location. now what you're seeing is you're seeing an area that was surrounded by a number of police vehicles. an individual, we are told, was on the ground. they were questioning him. now we're seeing some cars pull out. others pull in. so it's just -- it is really an ebb of flow of activity here. and they're very, very interested in this area. we can't state that enough. this is an incredibly unusual show of police force. you've got boston police, state police, medford police, you've got all different locations across the state. you've got f.b.i., atf, s.w.a.
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teams. you have bomb-sniffing dogs. at one point, i saw somebody moving passed in a military uniform. this is someone who is doing a sweep for ieds. a as we see everything that's developing, everything that's going on, we're keeping an eye and monitoring it. you also get the feeling that they're trying to close the news, that they're pushing and basically trying to get this guy. so that's what we're keeping an eye on right now. but, again, the activity that's here to get to this area, you pass several dozen police cars. they're sitting at check points. they're looking in trucks, they're asking for ids. so things are really going on right here. >> thank you, did he believe. this is consistent with what we've been saying. i heard a source that says they do believe they're getting closer to the suspect by talking to more people in this area. the reason they wanted the interpreter is because they're doing interviews with people.
8:31 am
we do not know that these people have any connection in the boston marathon bombing. it's somewhere familiar with it. he chose it. and that's why they're focusing on it. >> again, from what we know from the friends before, who we've been speaking to, a lot of people may not know that what they know may be useful. and, right now, people may not, you know, not be aware. i spoke to this person and they said this. those are crucial little pieces of information that they need as they try to hone in on him. again, we just want to keep emphasizing that their ultimate goal at this point is to take him alive. because we need to get answers. and if he does not -- is not taken alive, there will be some answers that they're able to get. of course, when they go through frenszices, when they go through the computer, they'll get some answers. but what they really need is to talk to this young man and get a
8:32 am
real picture of why they did what they did. and why he changed from being one kind of person to a different kind of person so quickly. >> all makes complete sense. let's just begin with our fundamental understanding about justice in america. the authorities here want to capture, bring in and put through the process of justice, any suspect of a crime. that's just the operating assumption. all the red-blooded, vengeful feelings aside, the justifiable pain of what was done, the goal has to be for this to be done the right way. that is the goal of the american justice system. tom, we are being overwhelmed by manpower and shows of force and quick movement. but give us some context in terms of how when you're dealing with so many different moving parts on a massive investigation like this, you're going to have huge flows of manpower and vehicles. >> right. well, in the command post, and in this case, you would have a formal command post. different agencies have different names, you know,
8:33 am
incident command post or tactical operation center. but in the forward command post, as well as back in the main office command post, you've got representatives from every agency and representatives from each of the kpoents. so you'd have the bomb teches and the s.w.a.t. teams and the negotiato negotiators, all of that. so the on scene commander is basically like the leader of an orchestra. each of the different sections are performing what they do. and the commanders are making sure they're seeing it and including each other. and assuming the atf and f.b.i. and boston p.d. and all the others that are in that post, and members of the jtf chrks is maybe 20 agencies, they're representative. so you have the sharing of information going on and discussion about the approach to be taken. now, in the reactive mode, like you're seeing here, every ten or fifteen minutes, we're seeing a flood of flis cars, lights and sirens going into an area. something has come up. someone has reported a
8:34 am
suspicious package or event or something that appears could be an explosive trap and turns out it's some type of trash. but they have to respond that way. that's why you see this continuous response like that to make sure they can resolve any issue that comes up as quickly as they can. then they resolve it and go back to the regular mode that they're approaching this. i think right now, what you are seeing is the attempt to contact everybody that he might be related to or that might have information about what he's doing now or where he is now or maybe housing him now. >> i want to bring peter bergen, security expert in to the picture, too, tom. peter, right now, we're looking at watertown, where they're trying at this moment, our understanding is, to try to contact the suspect. might not necessarily be i
8:35 am
implicated but are associated. how are they operating? can you walk us through how they're trying to communicate with this guy? how they're trying to reach communication with the suspect so they can try to have a conversation with him. try to have this end where he comes into custody. >> well, that's more of tom fuentes' area of expertise in mind. >> peter, hold on one second. we just got a development here. the uncle of the suspect has just released a statement. we want to go to it right now. this is what he had to say. >> i think we don't actually quite have that. >> it's coming. we're getting ready to go. >> move the mic stand down. can someone move the mic stand down? >> easy, easy, fellas. easy.
8:36 am
>> whoa! >> sorry. >> someone take the stand back there. >> down in front. >> here we go. >> down in front. >> can you come up here, please? >> thank you. thank you very much. >> i wanted to speak on behalf of tsarnaev. what happened when we heard this morning about people negotiated for my family, i would say my family associated. i want to start, and i will finish with that. first, the only person here to
8:37 am
deliver condolences are those who have been murdered. those who have been injured. those boys, those chinese girls, i've just been following this. i've been following it from day one, but never, ever would imagine that somehow the children of my brother would be associated with that. so it is a tragedy. i was shocked. again, i don't know. his family does not know how to share their grief with the victims. that's pretty much -- >> can you tell us about the last time you saw -- >> we've not been in touch with that family for a number of years.
8:38 am
a number of years for -- pardon me? >> did they ever live -- >> no, they never lived here. they never lived here. the last time i saw them was 2006. i'm sorry, december, 2005. >> did you ever know them to have any ill will towards the united states? >> no. no. i never knew it. even if i had to guess or something, i would say myself. >> what do you think provoked this? >>. >> being losers. hatred to those who were able to settle themselves. these are the only reasons i can imagine. anything else, anything else to do with religion, with islam, it's a fraud. it's a fake. >> did they have any military training at all? >> no. again, i've seen them when they were kids.
8:39 am
>> any experience with guns? >> i don't know. i've seen them only in 2005. >> we're muslims, we're chechens, we 'ethnic chechens. if that happened, most likely somebody radicalized them. but it's not my brother who just moved back and spent his life bringing bread to their table. fixing cars. he didn't have time or chance or anything optional. he's been working. that's it. i've not been inside with my brother, no. i don't know anything about that. >> do you have children who are close to them? >> no, my family has nothing to codo with that family.
8:40 am
>> are you ashamed by what has unfolded? >> of course we're ashamed. yes, we're ashamed. they're children of my brother who had little influence of them, honestly, as much as i know, who has little influence of them. >> is there any reason why you haven't had contact with them? have you had a falling out or anything? >> it's a personal -- it's a personal -- it wasn't like -- i just wanted -- i just wanted my fami family kept away from them. again, i say what i think what's behind it. being losers. not being able to settle themselves. and thereby just hating everyone. they came early, 2003. they came -- when they moved to the states -- so they came to cambridge area.
8:41 am
>> why? what took them there? >> they emigrated. they emigrated. nay received asylum. >> were they working there? >> yes, they lived there. >> were they going to college? >> i hope so, i don't know. when they grew up, i said me, myself and this family has nothing to do with them for long, long time. >> how do you feel about america? >> last time i spoke with my -- it was about 2009. >> how do you feel about america? what do you think of the united states? >> i say i teach my children and that's where i fuel myself. this is the ideal -- my world is the entire world. i respect this country. i love this country. this country, which gives chance to everybody else to be treated as a human being and just to be
8:42 am
human being, that's what i feel about this country. >> sir, were you caught up in the violence? >> what's the proper spelling of your name? tsarnaev, t. i don't know. i guess, again, i don't know. i've seen them as a kid. and if i -- even slightly be aware that they were involved, i'd be the first one to bring them into responsibility. i'm their uncle. >> were they ever caught up in the fight against chechnya? >> no, they've never been in cheech knee ya. chechens are different. >> were they born there? >> no, they were not born there. one of them, dzhokhar, he was
8:43 am
born kyrgyzstan. >> yes, in the pictures, when you said have you seen the pictures, i opened up internet. and on aol, i saw picture of dzhokhar. >> what do you say to dzhokhar right now? >> i say dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in. and ask for forgiveness. the victims from the injured and from those who left, ask forgiveness on these people. we're not requiring forgiveness in this family. to put a shame on our family, tsarnaev family, to put a shame
8:44 am
on the entire chechen community. for now, they put that shame on the entire ethnicity. that's what i would say. turn yourself in. and whatever, whatever, i mean, put yourself in the discretion of those people. >> do you consider them -- >> pardon me? >> not yet. not yet. >> what is your name again? >> last time i spoke with them, that was about -- about three months ago, maybe. >> did you express -- >> no, no, no. >> where are they from? where were they born? >> they came here from kyrgyzstan. >> where were they born? >> in kyrgyzstan. no, they're losers. i'm saying those available to
8:45 am
make this tragedy are only losers. that's what i say. there's no idea that they may follow. thank you. >> would you consider them terrorists? >> huh? >> i woshlg. i work. i have legal background. thank you very much. one more thing, from now on, i clearly ask you to respect our property. again, we're the families of -- i mean, those who suffered, we share with them their grief. i'm ready just to meet with them. i'm ready just to bend in front of them. to kneel in front of them seeking their forgiveness. again, on an entire -- in the name of our country -- of the families, so that's what i say. thank you. please. please. >> you've got to give me a little room.
8:46 am
what? >> all right, we've just been listening to the uncle, the uncle of these two brothers. the uncle, chris, clearly upset saying these two brothers, one of whom are now dead, is a loser -- they're losers. >> he said he spoke to them three months ago. no indication of this. has nothing do with the family. the father and mother lmily lov. they're assimilated. that they love america. he says to his nephew, the suspect, if you are alive, turn yourself in, ask for forgiveness. >> that's the 19-year-old, dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> and the uncle, it may have been hard for the viewers to understand everything he said. in addition to what chris was just reporting, he said my
8:47 am
family has nothing to do with this family. he feels the shame that's associated with sort of thing. it's a shame on the entire community and the entire chechen community. >> he says his brother is the father of these two suspects. >> yes, the brother is the father of the two men. >> and the father is back over there. and he's living over here, obviously. the uncle is here in the united states. deborah is in watertown right now. wa watch uing all of this unfold. set the scene for the viewers who may just be tuning in. >> reporter: this is an area that we got to just about 5:00 this morning. it was still dark before we arrived here. an entire perimeter was set up in a 20-block radius. we went to one location because it seemed there was a staging area. that staging area was where you see those lights. the traffic lights.
8:48 am
there was activity there where you had a lot of law enforcement, a lot of law enforcement in tactical gear, riot helmets and the like. that was this morning. now, second location. you've got police questioning somebody. talking to somebody. but because of the way the cars are surrounding this particular individual, it's likely that he didn't have any sort of device on him. that's really what law enforcement is fearful of is, wolf, is this person on this wild ride, that he may have, in fact, dropped several pipe bombs. and that's the concern that officials are having. that's one of the big reasons that they told people that they really just need to shelter in place. so that is the active scene going on right now. the first scene this morning, that is a home, investigators, law enforcement very, very interested in a home. they are now searching that home, forensics, we're trying to still exactly determine who lived there, whether it was a friend, an associate or what they're doing there.
8:49 am
right now, we've got a helicopter in the sky. that probably came at 8:00? 7:00, 8:00 this morning. it's funny, we were sort of joking with some people here, nobody really knows what time it is. it feels like we've sort of been running and dodging and covering the activity of law enforcement as they try to really push this guy into a corner. try to flush him out. and that's really what they're focused on now. and our understanding is that he does have access, that he is communicating with people outside, whether it's through social media or whether it's another way. but that he is -- that he is engaged. wolf? >> and there seems to be little doubt, deb, and i want to be precise on this, that the intense security, the intense military and police presence there is something that is rarely, if ever, seen. certainly not in the boston metropolitan area. >> absolutely. we heard numbers between nine
8:50 am
and ten thousand law enforcement personnel on the ground. we don't know if that's investigators that are just here or law enforcement force. people have their flap jackets i should say. there were a few people walking around dressed in military gear, fbi and had bomb sniffing dogs. you really got the feeling they were sniffing out ieds, that they were looking for other devices, wolf. >> all right. deb, thanks very much. we'll stay in close touch with you. i just came in from the airport. if you want to fly out of logan right now, you got to go through intense security. there's a lot of military and police presence. anyone who wants to try to get to that airport, they're watching everyone go into that airport. and when i got off there were police right at the gate. everything, you know, for those of us who fly a lot, this is extraordinary what's going on right now. >> and what about getting from here? from getting from there to here? >> that was relatively easy. >> it's so quiet. >> there's nobody on the streets right now. it's pretty empty.
8:51 am
getting from the airport to here was pretty easy. if you're trying to get out of boston right now, they're watching everybody. they want to make sure that a suspect or suspects don't disappear. >> obviously operating in the abundance of caution. we're going to take a break. when we come back we'll keep monitoring the situation and let you know what we know when it develops. be right back. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, geico and we could help youo save on boat and motorcycle insurance too.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
welcome back to our continuing coverage here at cnn. chris cuomo, erin burnett, wolf blitzer, we've been monitoring the situation here. authorities have been pursuing a suspect, a second suspect. the first one killed in a gunfire in a massive manhunt earlier this morning. now the second suspect on the run. there's been a lot of activity at a certain area in watertown. had a russian translater trying to get brought in closing the circle on this suspect is what the investigators are telling us. we heard from the uncle of the second suspect and he said this has nothing to do with the family, that they must have been radicalized here and recently. he had spoken to his nephews some three months ago, there was no evidence of this. so knowing that is the most recent information, we'll bring in peter bergman, peter, give us some context on this.
8:55 am
>> well, i think investigators will be looking obviously at these guys' e-mail and internet activity. we talked about major nadal hasan who killed soldiers at ft. hood in 2009. we described him as a home-grown militarized radical. that's not completely accurate. he was in touch with one of the leaders in yemen. he was given some sort of religious permission to do what he did at ft. hood, texas. that would be one kind of case you might think of, chris. another would be the somalias we've had literally dozen somali americans travel to fight in the somali civil war. these are kids who grew up in the united states very much like the two brothers we're discussing now who events in somalia began to be very important for them. in fact, we had the first american suicide bomber was in fact a somali american who traveled to somalia to engage in
8:56 am
the somali civil war. so you'd be looking at what was the subject matter of this kind of website they were looking at, were they on the jihadi forum? were they in communication of people outside the united states by e-mail, for instance. >> what does that mean then in the context of bha they decided to do last night robbing a convenience store, seemingly going up to this m.i.t. security officer, sean collor, 26 years old for no reason and taking his life. how do you put that into any sense of plan or organization? >> well, i think you're applying completely rational standards to this situation. and these people while they're probably certainly not psychotic, very few terrorists are psychotic, that tends to interfere with the ability to pull off a successful terrorist operation. certainly they can have strange ideas. eric rudolph motivated by anti-abortion, he attacked the
8:57 am
centennial park in atlanta and killed one person during the olympics. it didn't seem to be a completely rational act. so the fact you can be motivated by certain ideologies and do things that don't seem to make sense. if indeed they were motivated by the chechen issue, why not go to moscow and do something there? doesn't seem to make any sense at all to do something in boston. >> peter, thank you very much. peter will stay with us, tom fuentes, all of our security experts as we continue our breaking news coverage of the manhunt for the second suspect. we'll take a break and be right back. ♪ before tori was taking her kids to lunch in her new volkswagen... before her passat had passed 30 different inspection tests, and before several thousand tennesseans discovered new jobs on volkswagen drive, their cfo and our banker met for lunch. together, we worked with a team that helped finance construction of the world's first
8:58 am
leed platinum auto manufacturing plant. that's the impact of global connections. that's bank of america.
8:59 am
welcome to our continuing coverage here at cnn. chris cuomo with wolf blitzer. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. everyone seems to be glued right now to this standoff that's taking place here in boston. >> well, this is the time to be watching because there is a manhunt going on right now on the streets of boston. the city literally shut down. here's what we know. one suspect is dead. one suspect on the run. dramatic developments underway here in boston. let's bring you up to speed on the list of facts and the context that got us to where we are in the investigation. authorities identified the boston marathon bombers

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